Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Hike at Letchworth State Park

Yesterday we decided to have a fun day. We woke up, went shopping for a costume for Bryan. Then we started on the trek to the Park. We stopped in Dansville for some lunch. Bryan ate a 3 in sub. Had black olives for the first time, and liked them! We then continued on our journey. When we got to the park we quickly realized everyone else had had the same idea for the day. We had to go to three different parking lots to find a space. We started our walk at Inspiration Point and headed down to the lower falls. This hike was beautiful! All the way down! A little not so beautiful all the way back up! Anyway here are some pics that both Jamie and I took on the hike.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well in between emptying boxes, picking family up from the airport and getting sick, Bryan has had his first birthday. We celebrated his birthday on the 4th. It started out with a trip to Sears for a family portrait. Hadn't done that yet. Then a trip to get new tires on our car (just what a 1 year old wants to do on his birthday) Then came home to have a party. Just my mom and sister, and Jamies family were here. We had a great time watching Bryan not be interested in the presents he got, and eat cake with chocolate icing for the first time. His cake was a black and white checkered flag to go with the "cars" theme. He has started to sign "more" when he is hungry. (Well at least its something!) He is such a smart little guy, I can't wait to see what he will learn next!